Here is a little story about my name and my icon :]
 “This is the third time I gave you a ride. Have a very sweet evening,” the Uber driver said.
 As I said the usual “thank you” and got ready to exit the car, I paused in surprise and asked why he remembered me.
 He said that my name had an interesting spelling and a beautiful pronunciation.
 “It sounds similar to the word meaning ‘sunflower’ in my language back home.”
 I did ask where he was from, but I don’t seem to have remembered it.
 So I opened Google translate, typed “sunflower,” went through all the possible equivalents in different languages that I could find, and let the browser pronounce each one of them.
 Nothing sounded similar.
 Perhaps I remembered it wrong, or perhaps the driver didn’t really mean “sunflower,” or perhaps he was just joking, but I have started to relate my name to “sunflower” somehow.

Tel: +1 (203) 772 9423
portfolio & CV available on request
Mengjie is a graphic designer, web designer & developer, UI/UX designer (and artist?) currently based in New Haven and New York.
 She studied Japanese in college, and got her MFA degree in Graphic Design at Yale School of Art in 2022.
 During her study, people have described her work as “beautiful”, “full of heart”, “quiet but expressive”, “subtle and very precise”, “great sensitivity to materials & form”, “great attention to craft...”
 And she once described her work as:
 “It is never invasive, or angry, or heavy. It is like a bubble floating in the sky, like dust accumulated in the corner; perhaps sometimes it is more like a wisdom-tooth hole, a slight papercut; and sometimes it feels like a feather brushing the cheek, sounds like a whisper, smells like grass after the rain.”